Afternoon Serenity


16X20 Oil  Afternoon Serenity  by: J.Voss

A scene in Alaska, with my own artistic license.  Around 5:00 in the afternoon, this scene was calling my name to paint it.  The feeling was so comfortable and easy with the river flowing through.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss or purchase this or any of my paintings.

Life is Color

Thank You     J.Voss 

Mt. McKinley

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 16X20  Oil on Canvas      by:  J.Voss This painting is of Alaska’s wonderful Mt. Mckinley and felt I had no choice but to paint it.  I do a lot of Mt. Mckinley paintings in different settings or angles of landscape.  I chose to paint in oil to project the best feeling and I also like […]

How to Create a Beautiful Landscape Painting

One of the most popular forms of art is that of a landscape painting.  A landscape painting captures the feel and the beauty of a certain special place.  A good landscape painting will make the viewer feel that they are right there in the painting.  They feel as though they can breathe the very air of the painting and reach out and touch the landscape as if it were real.  But to make an audience feel this way when they view your landscape painting, you are going to need a bit of practice.

A landscape painting should make you feel like you are in a deep space.  When viewing it you should feel as though you were right inside the painting.  It should be both spellbinding and beautiful.  To attain this, there are some tricks to it.  The first trick is to use clarity.  An example of this is to show a thick fog over some hills in the distance, and have the fog fade as you get to the hills towards the front.  A second trick is to use a winding path, such as a trail, a creek, or a river.  This makes people feel as though they are deep within the painting.  A third trick is to use size to your advantage.  A tree up close should be large, while a tree far away should be small.  This enhances the viewer’s feel of the distance and expanse of the landscape.
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