You Have My Attention

8X8″  Pastel and Multimedia on Suede Matboard by: J.Voss

This is my latest painting, it was the  intensity of his look that made me want to paint him.  It’s not easy to photo a boxer with the attention he has on his face.  They are so excitable and friendly animals.  It was a pleasure to paint him.  Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to please contact me in my email if you would like to purchase or talk about the art.

Thank Y0u    J.Voss


About The Artist : J. Voss

Having lived in Alaska for many years, a lot of my influence and paintings come from subjects found there, displaying the beauty of the “Great Land”. I now live in San Diego, Ca., having moved here in 1986, and many of my paintings are of the surrounding area as well as the local wild life and subjects from the San Diego Zoo.  I am a member of Gallery 23 in Balboa Parks Spanish Village , several of my paintings are on display there.  Stop by and check them out if you are in the area!  It”s such a pleasure to display and sell my art in the gallery with so many other talented artists.

I hope you enjoy my web site and the paintings that I display here.  Please feel free to contact me by email  if you have any questions or comment or talk about art.  It”s always wonderful to communicate with people who love art, I also love to do paintings of peoples loved pets, they are so dear to our hearts.   A lot of my work is done in oil, pastel, and  some  are done in colored pencil and multi media .  Landscapes, still life, animals, or an interesting scene are my subjects.  The beauty of art tells us stories or portrays emotion and beauty and I hope I am able to realize those feelings in my paintings.

Thank You                   Life is Color


Flowers On High

Flowers On High   Oil Painting  11 X 14   By   J.Voss

This painting came right out of my imagination, it was so much fun to just let the paint brushes go.  It was inspirational  for me to just go with the flow.   Hope you enjoy.  Please contact me if you wish to purchase or talk art on my email address

Thank You


Maine Coon Cat


8X8″ Pastel-Multi Media         By: J.Voss

This Painting was so fun to do as I had a Maine Coon Cat at one time, (until the coyotes came into my yard).  Anyway, painting it brought back a lot of great memories for me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did painting it. Please email me if you would like to discuss the painting or possible purchase.

Life is Color

Thank You     J.Voss

Rainy Day








24X30 Oil on Canvas     Titled: Rainy Day        By   J.Voss

This is one of my more impressionistic  painted in oil with brush and pallet knife of a girl walking to church, reminds me of people you see on a rainy day and wonder why they are even out there in the weather.  It was a lot of fun doing this painting and hope you enjoy.  Please contact me if you would like to talk or purchase any of my paintings.

Life is Color

Thank You


Commissioned Paintings

11/x14 Pastel Paintings  By:  J.Voss

Both of these paintings were commissioned by their owners as they were very important to their family.  Both were done in Pastel, and could have been done in oil as well depending on the peoples wishes.  These were painted by using photos, though it is nice if I could see the animal as personality comes into play and I get to see their individual inflections,  but not necessary.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about a commissioned piece that you might like to have done. It’s also a pleasure to talk about art anytime.

Life is Color 

Thank You   J.Voss


I’m Watching You

Pastel 12X20  Titled: I’m Watching You     By  J.Voss

This painting of an adult Mandrill Gorilla was done in pastel and was quite challenging.  He is real pensive looking and was hoping I captured that look in my painting.  The Mandrill is so colorful and majestic that I just had to paint him.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything about this or any of my paintings.

Life is Color

Thank You     J.Voss 


Afternoon Serenity


16X20 Oil  Afternoon Serenity  by: J.Voss

A scene in Alaska, with my own artistic license.  Around 5:00 in the afternoon, this scene was calling my name to paint it.  The feeling was so comfortable and easy with the river flowing through.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss or purchase this or any of my paintings.

Life is Color

Thank You     J.Voss 

Mt. McKinley

This gallery contains 1 photo.

 16X20  Oil on Canvas      by:  J.Voss This painting is of Alaska’s wonderful Mt. Mckinley and felt I had no choice but to paint it.  I do a lot of Mt. Mckinley paintings in different settings or angles of landscape.  I chose to paint in oil to project the best feeling and I also like […]

8 Invaluable Tips for Painting on Canvas

A blank canvas is a great opportunity, but it can also be a source of stress. Even if you’re full of ideas about what to paint, how should you go about it, exactly? These tips for painting on canvas will set you on the right track.

Canvas on Table


art on canvas guide

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Canvas is a heavy-duty woven fabric that is used in a variety of ways, from sails to backpacks to marquees. In the painting world, it’s usually stretched on a wooden frame. You can purchase pre-stretched canvases or stretch your own.

Canvas is a wonderful surface for painting with acrylic and oil paint, as it is sturdy, lightweight and affordable. When treated with gesso, it is also archival.

These eight tips for painting on canvas will be invaluable to beginners, but even seasoned artists might discover something new.


Priming a Canvas

Stretch your canvas or use a pre-stretched canvas. Not to be too obvious, but I have witnessed people purchasing canvases and starting to paint before unwrapping them. So… yes, unwrap the plastic from your canvas.

The next thing you’ll want to do is prime your canvas. Often, this is done with a substance called gesso, which comes in varieties that can be used with acrylic, tempera or oil paint. Think of gesso like primer when painting rooms in a house. Gesso protects the fibers of canvas, making your painting surface archival. It also makes the work surface a little bit softer for paint, which can help you use less paint to create your work of art and will also protect your brushes.

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Tonal Background on Canvas

In addition to gesso, you can consider applying an all-over tone to your canvas to instantly set a mood in your painting. For instance, a bright white canvas might not be conducive to a moody, stormy painting, but a coat of a light bluish-gray can give you a more moody surface for creating your desired look.


Painting Set Up

How are you going to paint — physically? Do you prefer an easel, where the canvas can be upright or at a slight angle? Or do you work better with the canvas on a flat surface, right next to your palette?

There’s no right or wrong, but you’ll make your life and painting much easier if you set up your workspace in advance. Have your paint brushes, palette knives, water and any other painting supplies you think you’ll need at the ready. The small amount of time it takes to assemble this “mise en place” will make the painting process far more pleasant.


Paint Brushes

Certain brushes are better for canvas painting than others. For instance, your delicate watercolor brushes will get eaten alive on the sturdy canvas surface: they’re too soft and delicate to apply paint assertively. In general, specifically designed acrylic or oil paint brushes will be a better choice, with longer handles and stiffer bristles which both hold and spread the thicker paint better on canvas.


Underpainting on canvas

Since canvas is typically used for opaque paints, it’s a great opportunity to experiment with underpainting. This is a method of creating an outline, often in an opposing color, that can add depth to your finished piece even if it won’t be directly visible once you’re finished.


While oil paints will dry about the same color as they look when applied, acrylic paint will dry slightly darker than it looks while you’re painting. Adjust your color mixes accordingly so that the finished piece isn’t darker than you want it to be. You can test the end result before you take paint to canvas by painting a little bit of a color a piece of scrap paper and seeing how dark the swatch dries.


Bird Painting on Canvas With a Medium

Painting on canvas is a great time to play around with a medium. A medium can be added to acrylic or oil paint to create cool effects in painting, many of which are specifically intended for use on canvas. There is a variety to choose from, ranging from oil paint media which can make either a high-gloss or matte finish to acrylic media, which can add body, gloss or texture to your finished painting.


Even small canvases can prove unwieldy when wet. Be sure before you even start painting that you have a safe spot for the canvas to dry. Be very mindful if setting it to dry on newsprint or paper, as even the slightest touch to the paint can cause sticking and messy cleanup. A non-stick surface is great, if possible.